Email Marketing

Reach a million of customers in a minute...

AbcSoft is a professional email marketing company Bangladesh. We design HTML email template with API and send it on behalf of our clients. All you need you want to inform us, we can arrange everything as a professional email marketing company.

Email Marketing company Bangladesh

We have full set-up of equipment and technology. An email marketing company should involve graphic designer, web developer and a marketing person who has really great sense of marketing and branding. An email marketing company should able to design, developing and full email blasting. While any email design, it should be maintain best practice of email marketing.

There are many advantages of email marketing. As an email marketing company we can tell you that this is the most cost effective direct marketing tool for modern marketing channels. E-mail marketing helps to build customer loyalty, trust in a product or company or brand recognition.

We believe smart tools deliver real results. With us you get everything of email marketing under same roof. We design, we develop and we send emails on behalf of you. Our designed email is fully customized and supports all browsers.

Manage Email Campaign & Email Sending Services...

Expert campaign managers on hand to help.

We have an expert team of Campaign Managers, Project Managers, Migration Consultants, Data Specialists, Ecommerce Specialists and Campaign Technicians who will create and manage your email campaigns for you, using the latest best practice techniques. What’s more, our scalability provides complete freedom and flexibility to you.

You’ll have a single point of contact who will make sure we deliver your campaigns on time and taking all of your requirements.

Email Marketing company Bangladesh

Of course, everything we do lives inside your dotmailer account so you can pick up the campaigns whenever you want, change the audiences, creative and copy whenever you want and use them for new campaigns yourself.

Put simply, if headcount or time is an issue, we can be on hand to support your existing team as and when you need.

With this service, a dotmailer Campaign Manager sets up and sends your initial campaigns, while your team observes via screen share, or in person. Then your team takes over whilst your Campaign Manager offers guidance. Mentoring covers the entire campaign process, including:

  • Responsive Template Design with Google API
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Testing & Clean up invalid email
  • Create Campaign and data upload
  • Sending in schedule basis
  • Autoresponder
  • Reporting & Analysing
  • Follow-up & Drip Marketing.

In short, we strongly believe that whether you ask for a one-off helping hand or want us to manage projects on a more permanent basis, we can help you maximize your ROI.

Email Marketing Outsource Services...

All our email marketing programs go through a structured process that is tied to your business goals. Here's how you can jumpstart your email campaign:

1. Strategic Planning:
The first step involves gathering high level goals and creating a plan to achieve them. We can help you by identifying your audience, planning the right message and identifying the tools necessary to reach them. The plan also includes a structured schedule so that you are aware of how things progress all the time.

2. Email Design & Communication Planning:
Emails need to immediately capture the attention of the reader and engage them into taking action. With so much spam that people receive these days, your audience is no different. With over a decade of experience, we can design the most effective email with the message that prompts a prospect to respond to you.

3. Email Distribution:
Once the email design and message is ready, we use advanced email distribution tools to distribute them to your target market. You can reach a massive list running into thousands or send emails to a small group. You will also know whether the email has reached the audience, what was the bounce rate as well the facility to track clicks in the email.

4. Reporting:
Many email marketing solutions leave you in the dark once emails are sent. Knowing the overall results of an email marketing program is as important as the campaign itself. We present you with descriptive reports of the campaigns which can be used in future marketing campaigns.

Design Services for Email Marketing...

Customizable and easy to use. Design with Google API.

  • Responsive Email Template Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Landing Page Design

Email Marketing Budget Analysis...

Service Catagory Estimate Delivery Time Price
Responsive Email Template Design 24 Hours $79 USD
Newsletter Template Design 24 Hours $79 USD
Landing Page Design 24 Hours $79 USD
Email Clean-up 10,000 per 24 Hours $1.50 per 1,000 Emails
Email Sending 100,000 per 24 Hours $120 per 100,000 Emails