Prescribe Rx

Our auto prescription management software will print a well formatted prescription your patient will love it. We are a medical software development company making a complete prescription software system with the help of some specialized doctors which will be a part and parcel for every medical practitioner. This software is part of a series of research, teaching tools and study material with the features of Patient records management, Medicine Management, Patient Historical Data Analysis, Easy Prescription & Medical Certificate Printing, Statistical data analysis etc. expecting to release in a very cheap cost with finest service and supports.

Feature Details:

* Appropriate for any types of doctor.

*All data/records can be saved for future use.

*Will take 20-30 seconds to complete a prescription for old patient and 1-1.5 minutes for new patients.

*Different Prescription format to print.

*Patient Searching in software base-form.

*Printing old prescriptions.

*Edit-Delete provision for any records.

*Daily Serial Entry with Appointment Card.

*Patient Appointment Schedule Report.

*Money receipt against collection

*Admission for visiting doctor (Direct or from serial).

*Daily/Weekly/Monthly List of patients and collected amounts.

*Picture Upload (in next version)

*Disease profile, Drug List can be saved for future use. You can select a disease profile and prepare a prescription in a second.

*You can save individual Point and Set of Points and then you can use them with a mouse double click on the point or set list.

*You can double click on Formulation list to auto fill formulation fields

*Patient search and preview.

*Drug Directory: Information from the most of the Pharmaceuticals companies of Bangladesh.(working on it for next version).

*Generic Name editor: Generic names can be classified into therapeutic and sub therapeutic groups, Generic formulation, dosage and literature can be added.

*Drug Editor will allow you to link Trade Name to Generic Name.

*Support both Bangla (Unicode) and English. Supports Avro Bangla keyboard.

*Literature for Generic Names, showing dosage, indication, side effects etc.

*Prescription  can be Export to other formats or Email to your patient.

*Different Statistical Reports