Point of Sales POS Software

Point of Sales POS Software:

ABCSoft is one of the leading Point of Sales POS Software Company in Bangladesh. We have the best quality Point of Sales POS software.Your super shop may maintaining paper based information system for items, Sales and inventory. Although, record keeping to some extent is not difficult but generating reports has become a major problem area in the current system. We provide an automated POS system which will keep records and generate daily, weekly or any periodical reports of items, Sales & Inventory which is normally prescribed for day to day activity. We deliver complete web based POS software with barcode generation and barcode integration by which you can manage multiple shop from a single point through internet. Our Point of Sales Software is the best Point of Sales software in Bangladesh.

Point of Sales POS Software bangladesh

1. Ease to use interface, highly secured with authentication user hierarchy and instant access of customer information.

2. Multiple shop and shift creation option.

3. Item creation and bar code generation.

4. Sales entry by bar code scanner.

5. Sales report of a particular day, item, shop and shift.

6. Instant access of product information.

7. Fully integrated with inventory.

8. Stock in, stock out, stock balance and stock valuation.

9. Extensive search facilities and reporting format can be converted to PDF report can be generated based on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, product share, by company, area, by value share and by each or all combination. Report previewing facility is based on user scope of work and privilege.