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Magento is a robust and extremely scalable, open source eCommerce platform. If you need a large eCommerce website with hundreds or even thousands of products – Magento should be your choice of eCommerce platform. The Magento ecommerce system has been widely adopted by online retailers with over 250,000 sites known to use it at the beginning of 2013. These website range from smaller ecommerce websites to large multinational businesses such as Harvey Nichols and Samsung. This eCommerce platform is powerful, scalable and user friendly with many reporting features and advanced eCommerce functionality. Magento has a rich graphical back end that enables you to manage your online store very easily. It has many advanced features to add product attributes, multiple product images and it supports many popular payment gateways by default. Magento can handle almost any kind of eCommerce website but is most suitable for large store that has over 100 products and require advanced functionality. Magento Community Edition is fully open source and it has a very active community that has shared thousands of free but quality plug ins and add ons to meet almost any kind of eCommerce requirements. This enables us to lower your online store development cost and turn around time significantly.

Magento for eCommerce website

As world’s leading Magento development company, we make it a point to produce quality works by absorbing your goals and expectations. We translate your business objectives and aspirations into a web personality that creates a long-lasting, positive impression upon your users and customers. We create a custom and unique design based on your preferences and convert that into a fully functional Magento Skin and then customize Magento and its various add-ons and plug-ins to give you all the functionality that you need. The end result is a beautiful website with all the right functionality that you need to meet your business goals. Magento is an ideal platform to launch large eCommerce websites without compromising with design quality. Our Magento designers and developers love to work with Magento because it is so versatile and feature rich. Magento is at the forefront of our web development services for large eCommerce website. We have over 5 years of experience working with Magento eCommerce development. What do you need? We cover all aspects of Magento customization and development:

  • Create custom design for Magento
  • Convert designs to Magento Skin
  • Convert your design to a standard Magento theme
  • Install and customize Magento Add Ons and Plug Ins
  • Develop small to large scale custom Magento modules
  • Mobile friendly, Responsive web design for Magento

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